Women’s Sweater – Pink Gray

This (bold sweater) will help to give some much needed color to any woman’s winter clothing collection. The bright orange stripes alternate with soft gray ones, and the combination provides a stylish balance between standing out in a crowd and the desire for feminine appeal. Although dark colors are often worn during the winter months, this sweater provides a fresh burst of brightness that will lend a more cheerful outlook during even the most dull of winter days. In addition to its fashion statement, the sweater is designed to be comfortable. The warmth of the fabric will reduce the affect of a chilly day. Likewise, the round neck fits easily around a woman’s neck for enhanced comfort. Pairing the sweater with a long chain or colorful pendant is an easy way to allow the sweater’s wearer to make an even more dramatic appearance. Both dress slacks and comfortable jeans are appropriate companion pieces for this sweater. You can buy this sweater from (dresshead)